Simple Tips For Healthy Living

When I was first diagnosed I ended up spending a small fortune trying to get “healthier”. I bought a ridiculously expensive juicer, the latest supplements (I think at one stage I was probably rattling as I walked), various green powders to add to my juices, expensive seaweeds, medicinal mushrooms, and home-fermentation packs. I made sure I was shopping organically, and I even attempted to “go raw” for a while (although that didn’t last long). Alongside working as a doctor, I was also going to yoga classes about 3 evenings a week, and trying to fit in cardio gym classes somewhere in between.

And then the cancer came back which left me thinking “sod this expensive healthy living, I’m off to spend my remaining money on bucket-list adventures”. I stopping juicing and exercising altogether for a while. Fortunately, I soon realised that my healthy living approach might not have destroyed cancer cells, but it certainly made me feel better. I decided to continue investing in my health, just not using the same approach that I’d attempted before – it hadn’t been sustainable or enjoyable.

My Top Tips For Healthy Living


In the end I ended up having nearly 12 months off from any intense cardiovascular exercise. This was mainly because I couldn’t bare the idea of spending any more of my precious time in a sweaty gym, but it was also very easy for me to quickly lose any desire to go out for a run. I’ve found that when trying to get back into the habit after a break from exercise, the main thing is to get yourself out of the door and remind your body how good exercising feels. I started going for short manageable runs to begin with, but also exercising at home. I found plenty of new workout apps which enable you to get fit wherever you’re living (e.g. Sweat With Kayla).


In my opinion the easiest way to introduce some extra nutrients into your life is via a juicer. I try and use mine most days (I invested in an Omega Vert masticating juicer). By adding in the odd bit of pineapple and ginger, you can ingest half a bag of spinach or kale for breakfast and it’s no big deal. It’s not a complete substitute for eating vegetables – you lose the added benefits of their complex fibres by juicing them – but it’s an excellent way to get a burst of nutrients.

Yoga And Meditation

Regularly practicing yoga and/or meditation at home is a great way of de-stressing, improving flexibility and strengthening muscles. It’s also easy to do; all you need is a little space and a yoga mat or folded blanket. If you don’t currently have a yoga or meditation practice, don’t set yourself the challenge of starting something long and complicated. I started off with 20 minute online yoga videos, and 10 minute meditations. That was it. Then I slowly increased the length of the videos.

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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